Cycles of Study


Education at the European School of Helsinki is divided into a two-year nursery cycle (years N1–N2, age 4-6), a five-year primary cycle (years P1–P5, age 6-11) and a seven-year secondary cycle (years S1–S7, age 11-18).



The purpose of the Nursery is to provide pre-school education prior to the children’s entry into the Primary section of the school. The nursery curriculum is play-based and the aim is to prepare the children for the formal curriculum that they will follow in the Primary cycle.



Our teachers come from around the world. Together they bring a variety of ideas and pedagogical knowledge which adds to the cultural diversity of our school. This allows us to keep the curriculum and learning environment in line with international best practice.



The secondary cycle at the European School of Helsinki (ESH) aims to promote European cultural diversity whilst simultaneously fostering an inclusive and supportive school community. Like in the nursery and primary cycles the secondary cycle consists of three language sections, the English section, the Finnish section and the French section.