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Application Period & Entrance Test Dates

Enrolment to the European School of Helsinki happens in two categories; Category I (children whose parent(s) are employed by ECHA/the EU) and Category II. 

The document for enrolment rules, procedures and policies has been approved by the Administrative Board of the school and can be downloaded here.

The application period for the school year 2019-20 is 8-25 January 2019. Application form is to be completed electronically and can be accessed via this link:

Application form

Entrance tests will be organized as follows:

Nursery: 28 February 2019
Primary: 11 February 2019
Secondary: 5 March 2019

Open doors Nursery and Primary: Tuesday 15 January 2019 at 17:00-18:00 for parents
Secondary: Wednesday 16 January 2019 at 13:30-16:10 for pupils and at 17:00-18:00 for parents.

Enrolment Guidelines & Instructions

Age and class: The primary cycle at the European School of Helsinki starts at the age of six and, as a rule, the following class levels follow chronologically. Sometimes it is advisable to apply to a different class level, for example one year lower. There is an indicative table of equivalences in use in the European Schools. 

Language 2: The first foreign language (L2) starts in the first class of the primary cycle. When applying to higher classes, the knowledge of L2 should be on the respective level. If a pupil's L1 (native language) is other than the language of the section (English, French or Finnish) then the language of the section must be chosen as L2 (Finnish cannot be L2).

If an applicant is accepted, for duly justified reasons, to a language section different from his/her mother tongue while such a section exists in the school, mother tongue tuition cannot be provided.

In their own school, the students of ESH have direct access from the lower secondary to the upper secondary school leading to the European Baccalaureate. There is no need to go through a separate application procedure, completion of the S4 class will be sufficient.


The Ministry of Education has decided on the tuition fees for category II pupils of the European School of Helsinki as follows: 

nursery cycle: 1060 € / term (2120 € / school year) 
primary cycle: 1457 € / term (2914 € / school year) 
secondary cycle: 1987 € / term (3974 € / school year) 

According to the decision of the Ministry reductions for siblings cannot be granted. 

School meals, text books, learning materials and after-school activities are subject to a fee for all pupils (category I and II). Please contact the school for details.

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