Legal Basis

The Act on European Schooling Helsinki (1463/2007) entered into force on 1 January 2008. The Act stipulates the education provided by the school and the administration and staff of the school.   Download

In the Government Decree on European Schooling Helsinki (15/2008) there are regulations e.g. on the working time time of the school and qualifications of the teaching staff of the school.  Download

The Curriculum for the European Schooling Helsinki was updated by the Finnish National Board of Education in spring 2012. 

In addition to the general regulations there are the syllabi for religious education and health education attached. In other subjects the school follows the European Schools’ syllabi.

Download: religious education P1-S5, religious education S6-S7,   health education 

The School is managed by a Director and an Administrative Board, which is appointed for a term of 4 years at most. The Administrative Board has a Chair, a Vice-Chair and up to eight other members, all of whom have a personal deputy.

Regulations on the duties of different organs are given in the General Rules of the European Schooling Helsinki.   Download

Revision of the Decisions of the Board of Governors concerning the organisation of studies and courses in the European Schools (Ref: 2011-01-D-33-en-9)