Primary Cycle


The primary section at ESH began with 30 pupils in 2008 and has now grown to encompass 120 students in seven classes across the three language sections. As a relatively young school, we benefit from a newly renovated learning environment and the latest physical and digital resources and hardware. 

Our teachers come from around the world. Together they bring a variety of ideas and pedagogical knowledge which adds to the cultural diversity of our school. This allows us to keep the curriculum and learning environment in line with international best practice.


We follow the curriculum of the European Schools, with a focus on the core subjects; language one (L1), language of the section and mathematics, which are delivered by the class teacher. The class teacher is also responsible for Discovery of the World, which is comprised of aspects of science, history, geography and technology. Specialised subject teachers teach physical education, music, art and the student’s second language choice (either English, French or German- Language 2 (L2)). 

L2, or second language, at ESH is taught in small groups which helps to create a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. We are fortunate to have pupils from around the world. Within one class there may be many different mother tongues, fostering an atmosphere where language learning is valued and respected.  

Native speaker teachers provide students with an essential example on which to model their own L2. Additionally, native speakers can nurture a pupil’s ability to understand nuance and other subtleties of meaning.  

L2 is used in language lessons and elsewhere in the school; pupils use their L2 daily. L2 is spoken in subjects such as Art, Music and Sport and pupils interact with each other across the sections using a range of languages.



The multicultural nature of the school is one of our most prized assets. Collaboration across language sections and both the nursery and secondary school occurs both formally and informally as opportunities are built into the curriculum and planned for year on year. Because of our location, we have easy access to the numerous museums, parks and other places of educational and recreational value in the metropolitan area. Our burgeoning reputation and links with local, national and international schools and organisations have allowed us the privilege of participating in projects (such as Comenius) and events which have greatly enhanced the educational, cultural and social experience that we can provide.